Shoot out between 2 preamps

I have an Adcom 750 and an older Tandberg 3018A. The Tandberg seems to be sweeter and more laid back. The Adcom has more detail but is crisper and brighter. That I dont need. I have a Bryston 4BSST amp with a modified Shanling T200 SACD player. Kimber KCAG silver cables and Transparent Audio speaker cables. Does anyone know the sonic characteristics of these 2 preamps? Did I describe them right. I dont claim to have a golden ear. Could the Tanberg be overall better? In 1988 dollars the Tandberg went for around $2000. In 2005 dollars that should be close to $3000. About twice of what the Adcom sells for. Does anyone else think the Adcom is strident? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
After having owned the GFP 750 twice, I can say I enjoy it's passive mode, however the active side can be bright.

I have used this on a second system, and have since gone on to a Quicksilver Remote control line stage. This uses 2 6922 tubes, is real easy to listen to, and a screaming bargain. Sweeter by far than the Adcom without loss of resolution. I would recommend it highly.


Paul :-)
Honestly, I HAD an Adcom GTP-600 Surround pre-amp.
It was not good at all! My Yamaha CX-1000 was
alot better, until 1 channel went out on the pre-amp.
My Pioneer C-91 is ALOT better than the other 2.
With a signal-to-noise ratio of 109db. to boot.
It has AIR, in the midrange, alot more treble,
and better presence, AND and much better remote, as well.
you described the sound correctly.. I would not use either pre.. have you considered a passive??? some think a passive is heresy however.
I have owned the Adcom GFP-750 and found the active closed in and bright, the passive was smoother but a Placette Passive was way more natural. The adcom was also grainy to me. Keep in mind it is a great deal for the money but when you hear a great preamp (or don't hear the preamp) you will be utterly amazed. I was comparing it directly to a Placette Active and a Rowland Synergy IIi both considerably more money but it was a no contest that they were 5x better.

The other thing to look at is that your Silver cables might be making it worse.

Can you run the Shannling direct to the amp? I thought it had an analog preamp built in?
Cytocycle. Yes I can run the shanling as a preamp. I should try that. Thanks. Mike.