Shoes for my feet?

Hello Audiogon Community!  I currently house all my gear on a Bell’O A/V rack.  Not the best platform I know, but I really like the design of the piece.  I am seeking to enhance its isolation properties and have run (no pun intended) across the Feet of Silence by Solid Tech.  I’ve drooled over the Rack of Silence for years but simply can’t afford it at the current time.  Would I be able to use the Feet of Silence under my Bell’O rack?  If so, would this significantly enhance the isolation properties of the rack and its stock feet?  Looking forward to any comments or suggestions.  Many thanks!

Put some 3" solid maple blocks , often sold on here for about a hundred bucks, under each piece and away you go .That’s what I did on a Bell’O i loved the looks of with had glass shelves .