Shocked removed spikes, used blue tack, what other non spike footer

My floor standing speakers, monitor stands always came with spikes so I used them always, it's the way they were designed at least I thought. I know everyone can't do this because of there floor type, mine is hardwood over concrete slab. Bass, more natural tone( I'm a tone junkie)  gives the music a nice rhythm, may just be flavor of month but I'm really enjoying it. Highs maybe little rolled off, I just did it yesterday, maybe not as hifi, but no lose of information. Have other people experienced this.Can someone with my floor type suggest a nice reasonable priced non spiked footer, these are floorstander filled with shot so pretty heavy,maybe 70- 80 lb. thanks

“...we’ll call this a simple misunderstanding.”

Robert, this whole discussion is a misunderstanding on your part of the physics involved.

God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason. What’s needed is a comprehensive “belt and suspenders” approach to seismic isolation and resonance control. As I’ve oft suggested, isolate the component from the structural vibration AND provide an EXIT 🔝 for residual vibration in the iso system from all sources, e.g., motors, capacitors, transformers, acoustic waves. Problem solved! It’s not rocket science. 🚀
The LIGO foundation must have been poured Jello your most favorite flavor Moby Grape. 

Debbie is available anytime for consultation with sight and sound as she travels in search of minerals, oil and gases..She uses both shear and compressive waves as part of the discovery process and microphones whose shape is designed to reject surface reflections that re enter the signal path..that generate more Interfering Energy..geometry is like our Audio Points so it maintains one polarity of shear and rejects the other.
Keep Looking.
Debbie could certainly find a lot of gas here. Good luck in your quest for mediocrity. 

You haven’t been paying attention. LIGO must be at least 99.999% mechanically decoupled from Earth to be sensitive enough to detect gravity waves.

Mr. Kait,

I’m guessing it’s that .001% is the reason LIGO failed!

You also speak in past tense whereas due to recent reports gravity waves have yet to be detected.

Every image I’ve seen of these devices has what appears to be massive steel structures bolted to the earth holding the mechanism in place. What are they, pogo sticks?

Maybe it’s time for you take a science class. Then your experiments wouldn’t fail.

I am truly humbled by that statement. If experiments never fail, LIGO would be an absolute success and anti-vibration isolation theorems would be a proven science!

My Sincere Apologies to the Members:

This thread has turned for the worse. I will do my best to ignore the insults and avoid retaliatory strikes, stay on topic and provide information relative to vibration management related to our experience.

OP, give me a call. After turning your thread into a free-for-all, the least we can do is ship you a few products for your audition. Telephone the contact number on our website.


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Uh, but LIGO didn’t fail. You don’t pay attention very well, do you? God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason. Snap out of it!