Shocked removed spikes, used blue tack, what other non spike footer

My floor standing speakers, monitor stands always came with spikes so I used them always, it's the way they were designed at least I thought. I know everyone can't do this because of there floor type, mine is hardwood over concrete slab. Bass, more natural tone( I'm a tone junkie)  gives the music a nice rhythm, may just be flavor of month but I'm really enjoying it. Highs maybe little rolled off, I just did it yesterday, maybe not as hifi, but no lose of information. Have other people experienced this.Can someone with my floor type suggest a nice reasonable priced non spiked footer, these are floorstander filled with shot so pretty heavy,maybe 70- 80 lb. thanks

JA is such a newbie. So funny! 
LIGO should be able to predict the shear wave polarity of materials on an atomic level based on what  is written. Shear waves begin within a resonating material not after the fact like a compressive wave. Best result is to deal with the original source not the delay or the secondary. Tom

Geoff you isolate the source..the actual motion of atoms and then you have nothing. 
What was compared were factory supplied parts costing less than a buck compared to a hundred dollar part. 
Like comparing a cast resistor to a 
Mundorf resistor..not supposed to matter but easily heard..go further and our design would be like a Vishay Z foil resistor compared to a Mundorf. Remember who grounded their isolation device with a coupling device that looks similar to my Acoustic Coupling Disc. Why such a choice? Tom

LIGO Is a giant seismometer. Tom, don’t you know what seismic waves and seismic isolation are yet? Here’s a quick study sheet for you courtesy of LIGO isolation page.

Vibration Isolation

For an instrument that needs to remain as still as possible, it is ironic that LIGO is so sensitive that it can feel the smallest vibrations from near and far. LIGO is essentially a giant seismometer capable of sensing vibrations from traffic on nearby roads, weather patterns on the other side of the continent, staff biking alongside detector arms, ocean waves crashing on shores hundreds of miles away, and of course nearly every significant earthquake on the planet. Since gravitational waves will make themselves known through vibrations in LIGO’s mirrors, the only way to make gravitational wave detection possible is to isolate LIGO’s components from environmental vibrations to unprecedented levels. The change in distance between LIGO’s mirrors (test masses) when a gravitational wave passes will be on the order of 10-19 m. To achieve this level of sensitivity, LIGO was constructed with multiple levels of active and passive vibration isolation systems. Many of LIGO’s larger infrastructure systems that provide some additional levels of isolation are discussed in previous sections. But LIGO’s most sensitive components (its optics) required even more complex and highly specialized mechanisms for isolating them from even the smallest imaginable vibrations.

Outside of its pre-stabilized laser, LIGO’s vibration isolation systems are comprised of two basic elements: Optics Suspensions and Seismic Isolation.