Shocked removed spikes, used blue tack, what other non spike footer

My floor standing speakers, monitor stands always came with spikes so I used them always, it's the way they were designed at least I thought. I know everyone can't do this because of there floor type, mine is hardwood over concrete slab. Bass, more natural tone( I'm a tone junkie)  gives the music a nice rhythm, may just be flavor of month but I'm really enjoying it. Highs maybe little rolled off, I just did it yesterday, maybe not as hifi, but no lose of information. Have other people experienced this.Can someone with my floor type suggest a nice reasonable priced non spiked footer, these are floorstander filled with shot so pretty heavy,maybe 70- 80 lb. thanks


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Spikes have never had a good effect on my systems, be it speaker or component, neither has any Herbie’s product (spent many hundreds of Herbie’s stuff, never a positive and conclusive result), spotty success with BDR cones. Still got some of the original Mod Squad Tiptoes.

Roller ball systems work great for lateral movement, suspended on a bicycle air tube (no kidding) work even better, also providing vertical isolation.