shock/fire hazard with DAC?

I am interested in buying a Chinese DAC. I am a little concerned with safety in case of manufacturing defects.

Is there any risk of shock/fire with a defective DAC? That is, is there more juice in a DAC than in a VCR?

(My impression is tube amps may have high voltages in them)

Any comments appreciated!

I don't think there is a lot of "juice" in a DAC.

In the meantime, have you considered deep breathing exercises?
Thank you, for your kind response. I have a toddler who touches everything. I don't want stray current in the case.

Anybody else?
(cowering under my keyboard as I write this)

is the unit UL lab approved?

Also, I would consider how many other electrical items you have in your home which are made in China. Seems like EVERYTHING is now made in China (ie fans, space heater) so not sure why a DAC would pose a greater hazard .
Well, I saw your other thread and assume you are talking about Lite DAC AH. Anyway, if the unit is properly assembled, then you should be fine. However, there are battery powered DACs if you are interested.

Also, Scott Nixon makes a battery powered dac I think. Check out his website. And Ack dAck is battery powered as well.!.html

Just thought you may consider this.
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In general the shock/fire hazard from a DAC is no greater than your VCR. I would, however, keep stray current juice, or stray juice of any flavor away from DACs, VCRs or any other electronic component for that matter. UL Lab Approved gear will not withstand a juice incident, and deep breathing will do little, if anything, to lessen the consequences. Chinese made DACs are prone to spontaneous combustion, and in some cases nuclear fission, especially if the offending juice is in the citrus family. The notorious cover-up at Chernobyl was actually caused be a Chinese built DAC and some stray prune juice, so the danger is not entirely limited to the citrus juice. I'd suggest putting the DAC out of reach of your toddler, or purchasing a DAC with a different provenance to at least keep your neighbors safe from nuclear fallout. I'd further recommend that you make sure that any and all juice you give your toddler is consumed in a separate room from the DAC. You should also consume your juice in a separate room, but you probably already knew that.

Thank you all for your suggestions. What an exciting hobby!

I was interested in one of the MHDT DACs, which are sold direct on Ebay and I doubt have a UL label. Yes, I am also interested in the DAC AH. I have since done some Google searches and can find very few reports of electrocutions due to stereo equipment--so perhaps I will be OK.
I'm pretty sure Jiun-Hsien Wu of MHDT does speak English. You may want to write him with your concerns and see what he has to say. The MHDT DACs are built around non-conductive plexiglass cases. Depending on which one you get there may be relatively more or less vulnerability to shock hazards than with the average DAC because of their case design: I know the Paradisea has openings cut in the top panel, both for the tube and for the design (the name is laser-cut out from the top panel)--All that makes the circuit boards below vulnerable to the aforementioned juice spills and subsequent nuclear fission. Also, the protruding tube on that DAC will be hot when left on, so if the DAC is in reach of your toddler, that may pose another (burn) hazard. I'm glad to hear there are few reports of electrocutions due to stereo gear. I think you are rightly concerned because of what you might have heard about the more open and vulnerable tube preamp and amplification gear, which are certainly nothing I'd leave within reach of a toddler as there are high-currents (not the fruit variety) involved and the warm glowing lights draw the kids in like the Pied Piper. As has been indicated, the risk is less with a DAC in general, but a tube DAC with an exposed tube and circuit board might be worth a second thought. I've heard from my friend, Grant, that he liked the Paradisea very much and he's a pretty discriminating fellow. They certainly have got some good press on Enjoy the Music, as well as various DIY forums and eBay. Don't take the harassing too seriously - your question, as posed, and on face value does occur somewhat amusing, and there are those of us here who do like to have fun. Nothing personal intended. I understand your concerns. Hope that helps.

Just a thought, but if the DAC (or any other piece of equipment) is tube based, electrical voltage should not be your only concern....heat should be considered if this is the case. If the tubes are used and exposed, this should definately be out of the reach of short ones.....nothing like the ringing tone of a child who's just left some scalded flesh on an exposed power tube...not something you want to experience first hand....not to mention that was a quite expensinve WE 300B tube that needs replacing now.

Heat should be considered no matter what type of equipment it is, a class A solid state amp can make more than enough heat to burn a child.

High and enclosed cabinetry is the best way to go in your situation, just make sure it's ventilated properly tope and bottom....locking doors are great as well.
I am not a bad person.
While toddlers are touching everything, they stick there fingers in there mouths! Makes a person wonder what a DAC taste like. LOL