In case you've missed the news, here's the list of Universal's SHM-SACDs that are going to be released on 06/23/2010

Karl Richter - J.S. Bach: Orchestral Suites No.1 & No.2 [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGA-9001

Sir Georg Solti - Bartok: Concerto For Orchestra / Dance Suite, Etc. [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGD-9001

Claudio Arrau - Liszt: Sonata In B Minor [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGD-9002

Herbert Von Karajan - Brahms: Ein Deutsches Requiem [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGG-9001

Daniel Barenboim - Saint-Saens: Symphony No.3 Organ / Danse Macabre, Etc. [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGG-9002

Lee Ritenour - Six String Theory [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCCO-1107

Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto - Getz / Gilberto [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGU-9001

John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman - John Coltrane And Johnny Hartman [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGU-9002

John Coltrane - A Love Supreme [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGU-9003

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong - Ella And Louis [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGU-9004

Sarah Vaughan - Sarah Vaughan [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UCGU-9005

Marvin Gaye - What's Going On [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9030

The Rolling Stones - Let It Bleed [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9021

The Who - Who's Next [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9022

Derek And The Dominos - Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9023

Eric Clapton - 461 Ocean Boulevard [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9024

The Moody Blues - Every Good Boy Deserves Favour [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9025

Steely Dan - Aja [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9026

The Police - Synchronicity [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9027

The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground & Nico [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9028

The Allman Brothers Band - At Fillmore East [Japan LTD SHM-SACD] UIGY-9029
What a tired list..."Aja", "Synchronicity", "At Fillmore East"...

Just what everyone needs, another "better" copy of the same old retreads. Blech...
Are the Clapton and allman brothers discs going to be new transfers or just rereleases?

I have to confess to thinking this format is snake oil-haven't been impressed with the ones I've heard
Nice to see that SACD isn't quite dead for those of us that want to add to our collections. I didn't see any pricing but I am sure they will be available through the usual music dealers. Thanks for sharing
well thanks for the heads up anyways

It just shows to go ya... Throw a different coat of paint on it and someone will get in line to buy it.

I've long since refused to re-buy discs re-duped in a new format. Well... except for Waiting for Columbus. Sorry.. can't help myself on that one.

isn't everything on that list merely ADD translations, and none are DSD front to back?

If so... why bother?

...unless of course it's "Waiting for...."
I agree with TVAD, we all ready have 3 copies of synchronicity or AJA why do they not do something new/old for a change. There is a ton of selection out there that would be great to hear.
Are the Clapton and allman brothers discs going to be new transfers or just rereleases?


New 2010 DSD Transfers.
04-20-10: Ghost_rider writes:

I agree with TVAD, we all ready have 3 copies of synchronicity or AJA

We have not had Aja, Who's Next or the VU/Nico on SACD before, so I'll get those.

Not expecting much from the VU though - I had a nice Japanese pressing (LP) and while better than the domestic, it did not sound that great. It's not a top recording.

I find some of the responses this topic amazing. Anyone that cannot hear the difference between a CD and SACD either has faulty ears or faulty, or maybe the wrong, equipment. Many players that play SACDs do not play them through a DSD digital decoder. They take the DSD signal, translate to PCM and then process it. If you cannot hear the difference between a CD and SACD on your system, this may be the problem. If this is not the case, the rest of your system needs to be checked. If you are satisfied with that, check your ears.
To the fellow that asks 'Why bother?' if the disc is not DSD front to back, I ask him why he does not listen to everything on a cassette player. Once the recording is done, the only option to maximize the sound quality is the choice of playback options. Why not go for the best.
Anyone with doubts about the viability and superiority out to search the net for Mark Levinson's comments on SACD playback.
To anyone that questions the amazing superiority of SACD to CD, take a hybrid SACD to your local audio dealer. Play the disc in a player that allows you to switch between the SACD and CD layers. Do some A/B testing. That should convince you.
As for me,thankfully, there is enough Miles and Coltrane on SACD to keep me happy. Some of the other jazz titles released have expanded my horizon, as, with few exceptions, the reality of SACD sound makes listening to CDs almost impossible. (It was never particularly pleasant to begin with.) It would be nice to have a larger selection of other titles from which to choose.
If you enjoy a sense of realism with your home playback, SACD is the way to go and these new titles only enhance the enjoyment of owning an SACD player.
I actually misread that I thought it was those SHM CD's.

As for SACD well that debate's been done to death and I think I helped kill it.....however the amazing superiority and I'm sticking my neck out here (not)that has been mentioned would be rather dependant on the players and the actual disc.

On some of the early cheaper Sony players you couldn't distinguish between layers that cleary-I just bought a new Sony Blu Ray S470 and I really don't have much intention of messing about with SACD again at that level as my Ayre CX-7 destroyed it on DSOM-I wouldn't expect anything else Also worth noting on the hybrid discs some members on here preferred the CD layer the odd time, the Stones set was mentioned.

I personally believe SACD failed for a lot of people interested in the format but it has remained as a niche Audiophille I suggested it would still if you are interested in new music then SACD is not the way to go.
Pricing is expensive, about $65. Layla, 461 and Who's Next are already out as SACDs so I'm not sure what's different with these.