SHM-CDs and digital files

The CD format called SHM-CD (produced in Japan) is getting glowing reviews for its superior musical quality compared to conventional CDs. For example, see this Positive Feedback article. The higher quality comes solely from the use of a new material to achieve more precise pits.

My question: If I were to rip SHM-CD tracks to (lossless) digital files for PC playback, would the digital files retain the higher quality on playback, or would the quality advantage be rendered moot?
I do this all the time and yes, the SHM advantage does transfer to the digital rips. Of course, there are many bad SHM discs, so it's not a miracle technology, but the good ones are amazing, and in my opinion, better than SACD equivalents of the same recording. Good SHM discs have tremendous dynamics, transparency and presence. FYI - I rip with apple lossless into a wavelength cosecant v3.
Thanks for the information, Favresj. I have yet to choose a DAC. I'm still running a 1/8" cord out of my PowerBook G4 -- not ideal, but better than old cassette tapes :-)