Shitt Yggdrasil verses Auralic Vega

My Aries Femto doesn’t get along with the dac section of my Line Magnetic LM515CD  hence my need for a stand alone dac. I’m seriously considering either the Yggdrasil or the Vega. Any thoughts, experiences etc. 

You may be more successful learning about the Yggdrasil and the Vega independent of each other, perhaps on a site other than here.

The Auarlic Vega G2 will complicate this as it is a new product and offers Streamer, DAC, and Preamp to the Schiit's pure DAC functionality.

Not sure which will whet your taste for tipping the sound qualities towards honey sweetness mixed with herbaceousness and spiciness. : )
Disclaimer, I have an Yggdrasil....

I believe the two DACs you're comparing differ greatly. Succinctly, if you're interested with red book PCM only you would probably be better off with the Yggdrasil. It's multibit whereas the Vega is delta sigma. Also, the Yggy is $500 or more *less*. 

But if DXD and/or DSD are what you have in mind, I think that eliminates the Yggy and favors the Vega.

No doubt a plethora of additional responses to your inquiry are forthcoming.

Best of luck with whatever you decide.