Shirley Bassey is realy something

Most of us remember "Gold Finger" from the James Bond movie; that was "Shirley Bassey". The fact that she is one of the most fantastic female vocalists of our time is less well known. How she came to my attention recently is a story in itself.
As you know, equipment must be used to remain functional; my cassette deck for example. I popped a cassette in without looking at who it was. When I heard Shirley Bassey's sultry voice, I began to listen. While the audio quality of a cassette is not as good as reel, TT, CD or hardrive; the music was good. This made me acutely aware of the fact that all of this equipment would be "Junk" without the music. I no longer listen to the amp, speakers, tubes or whatever, I listen to the music.
Back to Shirley Bassey. I am looking at an LP with the picture of a beautiful woman overlooking the sea; a woman whose sultry voice is even more beautiful. She sings each song as though she has lived it. My favorite is, "If you go away, you might as well take the Sun away; but if you stay, I will make you a day like no day has been, or will ever be again". When her sultry voice sings those lyrics, I think, "Ain't no way I would go nowhere". If you listen to Shirley Bassey, you will fall in love just like I have.
"Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" is another, albeit lesser known, Bond classic of Shirley's that is especially fun when held up against Dionne Warwick's version of the same song. Warwick's beautiful voice is totally overwhelmed by Bassey's passion.
I "discovered" Shirley Bassey a couple of years ago and just flipped for her. Not only is she a great singer and performer, but she also oozes sex appeal from every pore of her body. 1968 1971 1973 1991 2009

Shirley Rocks.
Nytc7, while I have all of those songs on vinyl, nothing compares to seeing Shirley in the flesh. I want to thank you, for what to me; was a very rewarding experience.
I could kick myslef for not discovering her earlier as I live in NYC and she played here a lot in the past, but she seems to have retired from touring, only making occasional appearances at charity or other special events where she'll sing three songs in about ten minutes, the 2009 Electric Proms being her only full concert since 2006, I think. (And a 45 minute set at Glastonbury in 2007.) I saw her for the 1st time at Sting's rainforest benefit at Carnegie Hall a few months ago. You really hear that opera singer power in her voice. But I'm glad she became a popular singer instead! The Bassey Blog is great for all things Bassey: and there is a link on the left for a message board. I wonder how one of the world's greatest singers and performers can seem obscure at the same time. I love her! She seems to have become something of a gay icon, but I am a straight guy. It seems almost embarrassing to admit that I love her.
Collectors choice music has all of Shirley's CD's available on line at
1970 marked a transition for Bassey from traditional pop (standards, show tunes, torch songs) to more contemporary pop. My favorite albums are probably the first four of these, 'Something', 'Something Else', 'I Capricorn', and 'And I Love You So'.

The above clips may make some think she is just a belter, but she really does have a gorgeous voice, check out her studio work.
It's quite ironic that I don't have the albums where she appears as a "Belter", but I do have some of those you mentioned.

While I am not an "Analoger", meaning I will take Shirley any way I can get her; she seems to sound sweeter on vinyl. I have discovered all of those albums are available as LP's and I will be ordering.
In regard to John Barry and James Bond music, did Shirley Bassey make John Barry famous. When you hear "Gooldfinger" do you think of John Barry or Shirley Bassy? When you hear "Diamonds are Forever", do you think of Shirley Bassey or John Barry? One thing is for certain, they made a very good match.