Shipping Vinyl Records..

I went though my collection and realized I had quite a few doubles of some popular rock and jazz records in near mint cond. It cost nearly $10 to ship one record from California to the East Coast. Maybe I packed them too good as the total weight with box was just a shade over a pound. I see people charging $4.00 to ship records on other sites.. anyone have tips here?... as I have a few more to unload.
are you using media mail?
Ditto Grinnell--use media mail
I used to sell lp's . The cheapest and a very secure way i found was placing the lp between two 12"x13" cardboard pieces.I found the cardboard online .Can't remember where exactly but i found them with a google search .Total cost using media mail for a single lp was about $2.75 including the shipping material.
media mail and shipping supplies should be around $2.75 for a single album . $2.25 shipping .50 for cardboard boxes
shipping a single lp costs around $2.30. add in packing and i was shipping lp's for around $2.75 using media mail