Shipping vinyl in the summer heat

Is shipping vinyl to the desert safe? I live in Las Vegas and the average summer temperature is near 110 degrees. Most USPS and UPS trucks don’t have AC in the cargo areas.
Living in Tucson, I have decided not to order any lps in the summer. Even if the trucks are air conditioned, if they leave the package on your porch, it's toast (literally). Wait until xmas!
I live in Tucson - same weather. Have never had a problem with USPS (recommend Priority however) as long as the following steps are taken:

1. Use an LP media mailer (not 2 pieces of cardboard taped together!)

2. Take the record out of the cardboard album sleeve and lay it on top of the album cover (in its inner sleeve of course.) Place an additional piece of corrugated cardboard on the top and bottom of the "sandwich", and for maximuim stiffness, remember to orient the corrugations of the upper and lower cardboard stiffeners at 90 deg. to one another.

3. Crease the edges of the media mailer to fit the thickness of the record "sandwich" and tape securely with mylar packing tape (mylar won't stretch with heat.)

The name of the game is making the whole assembly stiff, and the thickness of the mailer box to just match the thickness of the "album sandwich" inside.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I get my USPS deliveries at the (air conditioned) Post Office. Front porch in Tucson is a bad idea!
I live outside of Palm Springs. Temps are unreal. It is supposed to be 118 this weekend. I have had several LP shipmets arrive in summer months with no problem. The records are warm and toasty upon arrival but not a problem as my seller ships mutiple LPs packed tightly together in a box.
Hello Vegasears!
I've been wondering the same thing.
Would like to round out my Led Zep Classic collection (love that super vinyl -as quiet as a CD!) but fear the searing 'Vegas sun.
If you "gotta have it", call the seller and ask them for advice. If they give you a money back guarantee -you're in!
I'd let the package sit unopened in the house a couple of days to make sure it has time to adjust.
P.S. Will be 109 degrees Saturday & Sunday.
Stop by McCarran curbside ckeck in and say "Hey!".
I call my daughter everyday at 11:30am, to remind her to get the mail. Then I wait on the phone while she goes out. That way she doesn't forget ( she is 14). Records have been packed as described above. So far, so good.
The LP I won on eBay shipped from Arizona in the Summer arrived totally melted.
I learned my lesson. Skip buying LPs in the Summer.
Just to chime in, I live in Boulder, Colorado, where temps a week or so ago were in the low 90s. I wasn't home, but my wife was, when UPS delivered a (non-LP) package on one of those days. She spoke with the driver briefly: a fellow driver had recently measured the temp in the back of his UPS truck at 140 degrees Fahrenheit! So goodness knows how hot those trucks get if air temp is 110+. Probably best to avoid 'Brown' when it gets so warm.

I've gotten a handful of LPs delivered over the past few weeks, but all have been well-packed & delivered by USPS to my shaded front door, so no damage so far (knock on wood!).
God forbid UPS putting circulation fans in the truck roofs to moderate temps...