Shipping tube amps, leave tubes in or out?

Hello, I'll be shipping out a pair CJ Premier 5's tommorow which have a fair amount of tubes in them (under a cage) and am wondering how most people ship their far I've had success leaving them in as it makes more sense to me, the tubes can't move around and are protected by the cage, thanks.
Watch the first scene of ACE VENTURA PET DETECTIVE Then ask yourself this same question :^)
Anytime I ship anything with tubes I remove the tubes and ship them in a separate well packed box.
John, you could leave them in and use foam on top to make sure they can't move around under the cage. If one of the tubes gets loose it will surely get smashed if there is not tonnes of foam inside the cage to pretect the tubes.
Tubes out! Every movement of the box puts stress on to the tubes' sockets!
Good luck!
Gee I'll bet UPS can make the tubes move underneath that "protective" cage.
Why risk it? Tubes out and securely packed...the same way conrad johnson ships the amp.
ok out they go and thanks for the replies...John
Though I see you found your answer, for the record I'd remove the tubes and ship them separately. Lighter packages have a higher chance of survival because they bounce. Read the shipping horror stories on here. Heavy packages get smashed.
I suggest you take the tubes out. If they break in the sockets you'll have dangerous mess. Pins can get bent in the sockets causing more damage.