Shipping to the FedEx Office Print & Ship Center is recommended

I discovered it is much easier to have my ordered audio equipment delivered and held at the FedEx Office Print & Ship Center. This is especially true since the equipment always requires a signature. There is no charge for this service.

Since I have no information when a FedEx delivery will be made to my home, I have to stay home all day waiting for the delivery. Having the equipment shipped to the FedEx Office Print & Ship Center solves that problem. You need to have the package addressed to your name and then c/o FedEx Office Print & Ship Center and its full address. You can also say Hold for John Smith, for example.

In addition, in most cases, for me, the FedEx Office Print & Ship Center ’usually’ receives their shipment early. For example, today, I picked up my new DAC at 9:15am. Please note that the FedEx Office Print & Ship Center will only hold your equipment for 5 days. I called my local FedEx Office Print & Ship Center to confirm this service is available and suggest you do also. This service is also available from a UPS Store and suggest you confirm before you use it.
What I've done for years. More convenient, and totally eliminates the extra loading-unloading (read: tossing around) of extra delivery attempts.
Thank you for the tip!
Having it held at the local Fedex Office is also a great precaution against theft. Having had an expensive package stolen off my front porch, I changed my shipping/receiving protocols.

In addition: If you create a membership (free) with Fedex, when a package is shipped to you, an automated email is immediately sent to you. The email contains a link for ’Manage your Delivery’. This allows you to change where its delivered - to your home or a nearby Fedex Office. This is helpful in case the shipper shipped it to your Paypal home address. (Some Ebay sellers will ship only to the Paypal home address.) Either way, there’s no extra charge. It’s a great service.

Yes, UPS has the same. But, there is usually a surcharge of $5-8 for holding it at the local UPS Store. Unlike company owned Fedex Offices, most UPS Stores are franchises. So, they’ll add a fee for holding the package. Yet, there will be no extra fee if the package is held at a UPS distribution center, instead of a UPS store.
For a few years now, anything that is shipped to me via UPS is automatically forwarded to a UPS Store and I just stop by to pick up. There is no charge for this service. All you need to do is create an account, sign up for UPS My Choice, and set up your address to forward to a store or distribution center. Works great and no charge. It does not work for those small shipments that UPS hands off to USPS for delivery.

Yep  i have one at a Walgreens 1.5 blocks away  much easier
Yep I luv the Walgreens.

Plus that way the missus can't ask "what was in the box on the porch"?