Shipping to out of USA - what's involved?

I get a lot of emails asking "Can you ship to Canada",etc. As of now, I do Not only because of assumed Customs hassles. Can an experinced American 'Gon-er who ships Worldwide enlighten me about it?
There is not much "hassle" on your end. With Fedex and UPS there is an additional form in which you have to state contents and value (for tarrif/tax purposes to receiver, not shipper). I've not had any problems with sales (and purchases) to (from) HK, Singapore, Australia, NZ, UK and Canada. Shipping can be much more expensive and there may be weight limits, so check before you make a firm commitment. YMMV,
Shipping to Canada by mail is quite easy and only requires a simple declaration as to the contents, its value and where it was manufactured. It gets just a bit trickier using UPS or FedEx since they do add an appreciable brokerage fee and, apparently, when a squabble occurs with the consignee over payment of these amounts they can be charged back to the shipper. Making sure the buyer understands what these costs are and that the buyer is liable for them seems simple enough, but I keep hearing of situations where misunderstandings occur.
Would also like to add to what Swampwalker mentioned. Be sure to look through the old threads regarding this type of transaction. They might ask you to "declare the item's value" a lot less than the selling price; that's fine if you do not have to deal with something being damaged in transit. Best, Charlie p.s. ask a lot of questions, then ask some more
Additional forms to complete as stated above. I have shipped to Canada, Sweden and China no problem.