Shipping to Norway?

What is the best way to ship a 350 lbs amp to Norway?
hi, check UPS Air freight service (i used them to ship Magnepans 3.6 to Japan)

one thing - when do online quotation, the rates changes depending on shipping day, the later shipping day gets cheaper.
If it's possible to get the amp delivered to the airlines that could be another option. I had my Vandersteen's sent to the airport near my home in China. Check with the airlines that fly to the U.S.
I'm not sure if this will be any easier or cheaper but it is worth making a call.
If they're speakers, I wouldn't ship them by air. The pressure change causes a lot of them to lose their ferrofluid. I guess they will leak it somewhere, and may cause damage. Maybe ask the manufacturer first to be sure.
I actually bought my speakers direct from Vandersteen and shipping through the airlines was their suggestion. I've been listening to them for almost four years without an issue.
It is not easy to ship overseas via surface mail now. "try" USPS stopped several years ago. Not sure about UPS? But their cost was way to high for China.

He is shipping an amp anyway:)
Are you sure you want to do it? And is price the object?
Give Panalpina a call or visit their website. The only affiliation I have with them is I move their freight.

You can check on Service by Air or Pilot.. In either case you absolutely must put it on a pallet.. That is a must..I would also get some of that clear wrap and go around it a couple times.
Thanks . Some nice suggestions that I will explore.
It might be better to just move here.

No don't move to the USA. No health care, no inexpensive college education, low minimum wages and low wages in general, plus a sense of moral decay.
Yes, there is a good health care but not for everyone at all. Some wages are too high while others too low. Colleges are extremely expensive and often for no good reason. As for the "sense of moral dekay", well, there is certainly decay in many directions and sense of confusion and total insecurity. Generally speaking, other English speaking countries are in better position today. And tomorrow -who knows?