Shipping to Mexico?

Anyone have any experience shipping high end audio equipment to Mexico from the U.S.? Do tariffs and fees apply similar to shipping to Canada? What if the item was produced in another country other than the U.S.? Any help or personal experience would be appreciated.
Ask your intended shipper for the correct answer.Just a thought.
Dave43 -

I recently shipped a pair of B&W N801's to Mexico City. It is no different from the SELLERS shoes than shipping to Australia, Germany, Canada, or Russia - international is international. There are tax to be paid in Mexico, and as I understand it - regardless of where it was built or assembled, like Canada.

Hope this helps.

Follow up - international transaction = NO PAYPAY!

I have used several freight companies to ship all over the world, from Mexico, Australia, Europe, Russia, Taiwan, Japan, China, Korea, etc, etc. BAX used to be the least expensive and easiest to track, but UPS Freight has taken that title. Online tracking, usually about 5 days to ANY major airport in the world. Less expensive than it should be in most cases.

Some of my international rules (yes Canadians, this includes you):

1) No PayPal - bank wires only
2) Never use another persons account number for shipping
3) Ship to airports ONLY (heavy/delicate/expensive items)
4) Buyer ALWAYS pays for duties/taxes
5) Must OVERPACK for international shipping - but won't matter much financially when shipping freight

Hope this helps. I have been scammed from NOT doing each of the above - this comes from years of experience and stupidity :)
Wow! Question for Porschecab: Why no paypal? Would it, for instance, allow the buyer to claim damage then leave you to sort out/dance (endlessly) with the claim and yet still keep the merchandise? (Don't ask me why I ask this- although domestically and with UPS!-beware UPS!)... Now this is important because most of us rely upon fairly direct and prompt payment and paypal is very instrumental to audiogon, and to me personally, repeatedly.
In a similar fashion, if you would please take a moment to edify us, point by point, with your insights. I think it would pay great dividends. -For which, in turn, I think we would all be most thankful. Thankfully, Truman