Shipping To Canada?

I have a potential buyer for a dac who lives in Canada. I’ve never shipped anything to Canada so I was hoping to get some opinions on the matter. He has great feedback so that’s good. He wants me to ship USPS but they will only insure for 700$ I believe, purchase price would be 1,800. Just trying to find out if there is anything I should worry about or if I’m good to go on the transaction?  


I had the opposite shipping problem. It came from Canada to the US.

And it was nearly $10K.

In any case, it worked out fine for all involved. I think you can get additional insurance from USPS, but if you say $700, I believe you. FWIW, if  you double pack everything, it should get there without issue. You might try looking at UShip and see if someone is going that way. I shipped a pair of Vandy 3a sigs and they arrived in perfect condition.



Don't know what your intention is but I'd make sure to include some documentation in either the box or with the USPS shipping documents that prove that it is used vs new. Customs will likely check the shipment and duty fees in bound to Canada are high enough.