Shipping Speakers to China - Which Shipper?

I'm shipping a pair of high-end speakers (German Physicks HRS-120) to Shanghai, China. Does anyone have a recommendation on which shipper to use in terms of cost and reliability? The speakers weight about 65lb each, but have a single box, so total weight with the box is about 140lb. Hence, I don't think they can ship USPS because of the weight.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.
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I'm sure there are many options as far as shipping companies. Don't rule out Hong Kong based companies as they speak English and can help with the customs issues.

Beware of sending them direct via the manufacturer. I bought a pair of Vandersteen's direct from Vandersteen and they were sent through China Eastern cargo and it was a mess for me. They wanted me to send them back to America and then re-ship them via a different carrier. "China customs issues". Ask about customs issues with the importers. Luckily my wife is a Chinese government official and we resolved the problem with a bottle of Scotch and a carton of cigarettes.

Good Luck

are these made of or containing natural wood? there is a prohibition about sending natural wood items to china. you might want to check into this.
it is difficult. I lived, work there and still commute frequently. we send stuff for work and things can get held up for weeks or longer. they can be sent back to you. electronic items sometimes need a classification to certain electronic standards. even if the manufacturer certifies by a placard on the item customs may request an original cert of compliance from the manufacturer. it is a roll of the dice, I wouldn't do it.
ask a forwarder company will arrange for you via Yangtze airlines or China airlines more cheaper. if you are in L.A i can help/////
I have shipped Krell 250 amps, Wilson Benesch Chimera speakers, shipping them is not a big problem. All you need to do is make sure the items are properly packed, documents in order, item country of origin, invoice and a good logistic company that has an agent in Shanghai. If the importer is working in Shanghai, has a work permit, so much better to import. If you are selling to a local resident, he needs to appoint a forwarder to do it and that may be problem. Fedex will do the amps, huge speakers as well. A bottle of scotch and a carton of cigarettes attitude does not work these days in China.
Just don't, unless you have money to waste. The Chinese in bound custom process is totally corrupt, so it is a roll of the dice type of business.
Hi Guys:
Thanks so much for all the input. Overall it doesn't sound like plain sailing when it comes to shipping to China ;-) Thanks again,