Shipping speakers internationaly

Hello everyone,

Any idea on shipping a pair of speakers (around 30kg each) from usa to south east asia,
taking account that the value of the speakers is between 500 and 800 usd,
so any solution that doesn't multiply the price by 3 or 4 therefore making the idea maybe not a so good one ...
Thanks in advance for your advice and sharing experiences on the topic.
My only advice, based on experience, is don't do it unless they are shipped in the factory box with factory packaging.
hello jdlynch
thanks for advice

not sure if you will get this com.gateway you can ship to a Us address then forward on to you good rates.
I bought shipped ESLs and they were professionally packed on pallets. Shipping was $600!
Many thanks kelvin2004 and noromance for advising,
I will look these ways too,

One way I just tried, after like hundreds hours on internet forums ...

as everywhere in the world you have some people doing business shipping full containers of used audio equipment,
therefore going further and looking in the country you are / the closest countries around, looking for some local craigslist / audio forums
(many thanks to instant translation available easily in any internet browser),

then you start to look for the ''kind'' of product wish,

I am living in Cambodia and recently purchase a pair of Klipsch Heresy (Heresy 1984 good condition) coming from Vietnam
I paid speakers plus shipping door to door (seller was not a store) plus customs tax plus bank transfer fee as a total of : 560 + 125 = 685 us$ and the deal took four weeks.

If I had purchase the same item in USA, plus shipping plus customs 350 + minimum 600 (55 to 60kg)  = 950 us$ and I am not sure that the deal could be done shipped .... in less time

So for sure even using this Technic, as I am looking to buy some Klipsch Chorus II but not sure how many months / years I would have to wait to catch a pair nearby my area ...

that said I dont have on the other side the budget to buy the Chorus II (even at a point I had a very good deal possible from Norway) plus three time their price in shipping cost ...