Shipping Speakers & Big,heavy items

To all;

I have tried to ship speakers, big boxes ,heavy boxes, and expensive to ship & expensive items
Not much luck , and consider Parcel (ups- fed-x) shipping a dangerous proposition for expensive fragile audio
Cost were $800+
Some $2000+

I ran into the perfect solution,that is easy , straightforward , excellent and cost effective

It is for Freight/LTL 
They give you multiple quotes, multiple options ( residential pickup & delivery or freight center to freight center)
They offer solutions and suggestions on "the best way"
And they offer an easy way to insure the $$$ items.
And fast
Note: Costs are very good!!!!!

my contact:

Nathan Moore
[email protected]
800-716-7608. Ext 1032



Thanks! That is useful information. I have used freight companies for palletized items before, but it is good to have this name on file.

The other part is they are a broker 
so, All freight companies are open to using 

And, They are not self insured and all the “ battles” that insue with that, if issues 
The insurer is Loyd’s of London and they email you an Insurance Certificate 

so far, pretty good stuff

Thanks for the useful information!
I wish I had known better.. still stinging from my shipping disaster... See “Virtual Systems” scroll down to the big crate entitled “Lissnr’s Apogee Shipment”. 😱
I couldn't find your post lissnr, but I assume your experience was the same as mine...

I just shipped two Tekton tower speakers through Fed-Ex home delivery (as it turns out, this is the same service that Tekton used to originally ship them to me). I used all original packaging (protective plastic, foam inserts, boxes), and the boxes had "Fragile" "Do not drop" "High end furniture" all the way around both of the boxes.

When the buyer received the items, both boxes looked like they had been either thrown or dropped with no care taken whatsoever. Both speakers had extensive cabinet damage and are now unusable in the current state. I would post pictures if I could. Has anyone else experienced this type of handling before?
You shipped on a pallet or parcel( just box?)

If you shipped just box, you got the normal. If you see how oversized packages in Parcel are handled, you would never do it, again

they physically throw the packages down chutes and into plastic carriers from 3-10 ft, plus they are frickin heavy and they don’t want to do it

freight on pallet is only way, that way fork trucks can be used



ps: insured?

We did get the insurance through this site thankfully. It won’t cover the $200 for shipping or recover the quality speakers unfortunately...
I am surprised that the manufacturer used the same shipping service and the original purchase arrived in excellent shape. Lesson learned though.
I'm wondering what to do when the seller, somewhat understandably, doesn't want to package the speakers for shipping.  I wouldn't know how to adequately do that, except maybe doing the double-boxing with styrofoam between, but I wouldn't have boxes big enough to fit speakers into either.

Has anybody done uShip and been happy? Or unhappy??  I know a lot depends on who you get when doing uShip.

How much does it cost to have somebody pack speakers for shipping?

Is there any shipper somewhat associated with Audiogon or is there a list somewhere of approved shippers?



Some people make a huge deal over packing
1) put speakers back
im OEM packaging 
2) Go to Home Depot & buy a pallet with a kit of 4 ratchet straps and mount to pallet 
or build a pallet with 2x4 ‘s 
$30 bucks 
 3) Trucking companies will pick up at door , if wot want or take to shipping company with pickup 

If you need a complete pack, pickup & ship ( $2000 or so)

a little effort goes a long way 

It appears audiophiles are not very handy .........


call the phone number on email, he’s a lot of help 

I ended up paying $300 to have pallet/crates made for my 8 foot long Bob Carver Amazing Line Source speakers. The Music room then paid for Fed Ex to pick them up from my house. 
Strange though, it took a while for Fed Ex to arrange a truck with a lift gate on it.