Shipping speakers

Can anyone recommend a reliable and economical shipping or freight company that can safely pack, pickup, and ship speakers that weigh about 150lbs that don't have their original boxes or crates from Maryland to Rhode Island?
The first pair of Khorus speakers Talon shipped me I got out to the truck just in time to see them dropped three feet off the tailgate, cracking the wood at the base. The second pair I got there before the truck could stop, so I was watching when they opened the back, and saw how THIS END UP was on its side. Both speakers were broken at the base from being laid sideways.

The third set I got pro-active, learned what time they were supposed to arrive at SeaTac, borrowed a pickup truck and picked them up at the airport.

You want to ship speakers without damage forget about the shipper. Pack them as if the shipper don't care. Because, the shipper don't care.
Shipping services, had bad results with them all. USPS is the way I go now. Not a federally funded branch so all of those people that worked like lazy, ignorant bmv workers now hustle lol. 
Interesting, after the OP asked a specific question, only 5 out of 16 responses actually answered it.
Packing is a big part of not getting your products damaged. Use open cell packing not styrofoam. It is too rigid and does not allow for cushining from impact.  Swimming noodles are excellent and cheap to. I will use styrofoam around the outside and noodles next to the gear.  Minimum 2" to 3" aroind what you are shipping. Dishwaser / appliance boxes are free, you just have to custom fit them. Costco produce boxes are very rigid for things like amps. I sometimes put 1/8" plywood around it.  So far so good with things shipped as far away as NewZealand and Belgium.