shipping speakers

I am in the process of finalising a deal to sell Legacy Focus speakers. I have been calling some trucking companies about shipping them cross-country (they weigh 175 lbs. a piece). Some of the quotes I have recieved are outrageously
high. Has anyone had an experience shipping large heavy speakers? What companies have you used? I'd appreciate any input. Thanks in advance.
I used BAX Global to ship my Focus (Focii?) across country and the price was quite rasonable, but I think I recall reading that they may not be picking up from residential addresses anymore.

BAX is worth checking out.
road freight companies are often more expensive than air freight shippers. every city with a major airport has several companies that "buy" unused air freight space and "sell" it to shippers. look in your yellow pages for these vendors. i've used 2 in denver with great success. BTW, i know of several highend manufacturers in my area that also use these companies, sometimes for an entire container-full of products. -cfb
BAX shipped a pair of Acoustat 2+2s to me in Florida from Jackson Hole, Wyoming for $326 last summer. There were 3 crates totaling 277 pounds. The largest crate was 8 1/2 feet long. Don
CFB, Question - Does this service require you to drop the heavy stuff at the airport. I was wondering about pick up also?
I recently shipped a set of speakers from Central CA to Texas using a company called Craters and Freighters. The speakers weighed 600 lbs and shipping was as I recall $550.00 which included picking them up at my house and building custom crates. They do have a website which you can get an online quote but be aware the online price was about $350.00 above what I got quoted on the phone. Definately call them for a price. Hope this helps.

Good Luck!
Also try some moving companies. If they have a truck going your way you can get a pretty good discount & most all of the moving co. vans are air ride to protect the contents. They are also very good about making crates to protect valuble items while in transit.
I also recommend BAX Global (air or ground), but the above poster is correct...they no longer pick up from residential addresses. If the speakers are shipping from a business (any business), you'll be fine.
If you already have the boxes and can pack them yourself it should cost about 300-350 with insurance. Try Pilot freight. If you are shipping to a rural area it will be more. Boxing can cost 200 to 300+ for crates. Some air freight companies are less and some pick up.
glen: most such services DO require drop off, tho some offer pickup. drop off is MUCH less expensive. pickup charges also vary between commercial (with dock) and residential. the same conditions hold true on the "delivery end." if the recipient wishes to minimize freight charges, he/she should arrange for pickup at the freight forwarder's dock. -cfb
Call Carl Menici at Surf Air in Boston, MA. He can arrange a shipment that is reasonable, insured and prompt.
If you are near a major airport and your shipping point near one as well, call Forward Air, they will be in your phone book or on the net. Their offices are usually just outside the airport terminal. I believe its 40 cents a pd airport to airport, with a $45 min plus whatever the insurance charges might be. Also if you have trouble getting the speaker to their place, they usually have a couple of local moving companies that will come to your house and pick up. Your stuff gets palleted and has very little human contact.Just recently I sent from Nashville to Seattle, a pair of speakers(330lb)for about $130, plus $40 for the local moving company. I even use them for stuff under the minumum, cause a lot of times if the person on the recieving end can pick up, it will be cheaper than using FEDEX or UPS. and whatever it is doens't ride around on a truck all day having stuffed dropped on it just to not get delivered.
Krell recommends "Ocean Air" and I have used them several times. They are great and reasonable.


I've used Craters & Freighters on shipping large audio speakers in the past with great success. They are nationwide and are very reasonable for the service they provide. I shipped Talon Khorus speakers (without the original shipping crates), Magnepan 3.6s and Carver Amazings speakers. And every time I've received great service and satisfaction. Check my FB as I've done this a time or two......
My Thiel CS5i's arrived via FLS. They are an air freight shipping company. Total weight was 500 pounds. Cost was $250 for about 300 miles. Delivery was to my door.