Shipping Speakers

How does one go about packing shipping speakers without breaking the bank (and the speakers)? I have speakers for sale and I put local pickup as a shipping method but I'm getting asked about shipping. I don't have the original packaging but the quotes I'm getting from my local packaging office are pretty steep. Any ideas?

New Orleans, LA
go for they will require to purchase 5 or 10 boxes minimum, but the rest of them you can sell on ebay even with profit.
What speakers are you selling? Some speakers are easier to pack than others.
The most important thing is to pack well and double box. I shipped speakers once with the manufacturer's packaging.. a single box, and had damage, claims, etc. You can buy good packing materials from an office supply store or U-Haul. I will share one tip that worked great for speakers, which can be too big for most boxes. Buy two boxes of the same size that are the right width and depth ( with a few extra inches for packing material) and about 70-80 % of the required height. Cut two opposing corners one the top box so that it can slide over the lower box. Pack and tape well. Repeat with slightly larger boxes. Hope this helps....
Here's what I do with monitor sized speakers:
1. Buy the x-large heavy duty trash bags from Home Depot, lay the bag flat and gift wrap the speaker like you would wrap a gift;
2. Buy solid sheets of styrofoam and place several inches of solid styrofoam all around the speaker and buy a box large enough for several inches of styrofoam.
3. With this much solid styrofoam encasing the speaker, one box may be sufficient, but double box it just to be safe