Shipping Preparation for SACD Player

I am preparing to ship a Marantz SACD player and was curious if there were anything extra needed to insure a safe delivery, other than original packaging and securing loose items? Unfortunately, even though boxes are clearly marked fragile, handlers tend to throw the stuff around resulting in damage more often than not. Appreciate any help or advise.
Double box and more packing materials is always a good thing when shipping equipment.
Make sure you remove your favorite disc from it.
The packaging for my Marantz Sa11S1 was not adequate at all, it was a miracle no damage was incurred in shipping. The player had come within a centimeter of falling out of the foam surrounds. The foam box inserts are not strong enough for the heavy chassis. I complained to Marantz about it and their North American sales manager said they'd look into improving things. I'd pack it with bubble wrap around the chassis in addition to the factory foam and then double box it with a good two inches of clearance between the boxes. Fill the gap with bubble wrap and foam peanuts.
Good advice from Photon46.

If the original packaging is rigid styrofoam it's useful for only one bump. It absorbs the impact but is crushed in the process and provides no protection in case of a second impact. That kind of packaging works well only if the box is strapped on a pallet with other boxes just like it. It isn't intended for individual shipping.

Something that will retain its shape like bubble wrap or resilient foam lining a second box won't guarantee safe shipping but it's your best shot. Strapping tape going around the box in all three dimensions will help keep the outer box mostly together if it gets mangled.
I mentioned in another thread the use of swimming pool noodles for packing heavier items. It's cheap and keeps it's shape after multiple impacts.