Shipping large speakers

What's the safest and most economical way to ship large speakers???
 Pack them real well,shrink wrap on a pallet and send them freight. Thats my experience.
I have a hot tip for you. Call Steve Title at Gateway Crate and Freight. He can arrange al this for you and the best part is that he can offer very inexpensive insurance. They even have a white glove service. 

Pallets and shrink wrap are indeed ideal.

Tell him Jim at Sounds Real Audio referred you. 
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Definitely strap the boxes and strap to the pallet. Actually, I shrink wrapped the boxes before strapping.
My buyer used Uship:
It worked out quite well.
I've shipped speakers before with generaly good results.  A pallet, shrink wrap and straps are a must for large speakers.  I am most interested in what would be the safest and least expensive service.  I just purchased a pair of speakers directly from the manufacturer.  They are little over 100lbs each and they have been shipped well packed in two separate boxes (no pallet) via FedEx.  I'm hoping for the best....
For me if you have the contact, Adcom freight on pallet strapped and wrapped.

no question.
@olesno ,
If the manufacturer feels Fed Ex is up to the task, then don't sweat it.
Though, in my opinion, I would ship them freight. Those delivery guys have to handle tons of heavy boxes each day, so I wouldn't expect 'white glove' service.
My Vandersteen sub was sent UPS Ground. Distance about 500 miles. The original box looked like it went thru a war zone.....
Insurance, Insurance Insurance Insurance Insurance

That is really important. FedEx will insure but try to get money from those guys, good luck.
My understanding is that FedEx "insurance" is only insurance that they won't lose the package.  And that they only way for them to "insure" the contents is for them to actually pack it.  I could be wrong...there's always a first time ;-)
Not exactly but they are "self insured" (any claim payments come out of their bottom line) and, if UPS is any indicator, will result to underhanded and deceitful tactics to avoid paying a claim.

Unfortunately I have direct experience with UPS after they destroyed a pair of fully-insured Apogee Duetta Signatures. I will spare you the details but it was ugly and they were shameless in their actions. 


Double boxed, wrapped, strapped on a pallet shipped freight. Fair warning, some freight carriers get kinda rough with shipped goods. To the driver it is just another load to carry and deliver. My direct experience. All the more reason to take a lot of precautions.