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I am looking for some help with shipping a set of speakers that were listed here on forum. They do not have a box anyone have a suggestion besides craters and freighters
Most cities have stores that sell used boxes. If you find one or two that work you can line them with sheets of Styrofoam from big box stores like Home Depot or Lowes and cut them to size to firmly enclose the speakers at least 2" on each side. Be certain to insure the shipment. I've done it with speakers, amps and subs and all but one arrived without incident and the one that had minor damage was covered by insurance. Also, I'd avoid UPS (pronounced "Oops") if at all possible.
Consider heavyweight wardrobe boxes from U-Haul. Agree w using rigid foam but want to add a couple of caveats:
1. Reinforce the corners before you put in the foam sheets.
2. Make sure that the speaker and the foam CANNOT MOVE AT ALL inside the box.
3. Place the speaker in a sealed plastic bag or wrap w shrink wrap before putting in the foam sheets.
4. Peanuts are useless for heavy, dense items like speakers.
5. Remember that if they go UPS or Fedex Ground, they should be packed to survive a 6' fall onto concrete.
6. If possible, strap to a pallet and send them freight.
What Swampwalker said on the box's and styrofoam .
I would recommend Fed Ex 'RED' not green , if you don't want to strap them to a pallet .

Good luck
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You can always try uShip and see about getting them packed and shipped directly. I have had luck with that site in the past and was able to select someone who actually had experience (and references) moving large expensive gear in the past.