Shipping from US to Europe, best company?

Need to ship a pair of very heavy, very expensive speakers from the US to Italy, what recommendations would any one have as far as a shipper/carrier?

Thanks in advance!
Gerlach, Holland based.
They specialize in art transport as far as I know.
Any thoughts on the best way to send heavy objects cheaply?

I'm trying to send two amps at 80+lbs apiece from the US to Japan...
I've used UPS to ship by airfright a crated pair of Peak Consult Speakers (700 lbs) to Japan from Europe ... paid $1000 total.
Bax Global. I shipped Wilson Speakers to Hong Kong, arrived the next day and it cost about $400-500. The downside is that you need to be able to set up a commercial account (so if you own your business) that shouldn't be a problem.