Shipping from norway to usa?

Looking at a pair of used speakers (made in the usa) which are in norway.  I have never purchased something international before can anyone provide some guidance on how to ship these if i go this route?  Since they are made in the usa i dont think they will have any import duties but not 100% on that.  

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One can have quite the headache sorting out a bad transaction with both parties stateside. Trying to resolve something with the other party being overseas would be a migraine.
Nonoise is right, if everything went right, you'd be in the clear, but if anything should happen, you could wind up loosing your money with no recourse. 

I was thinking of buying an amp from Canada, so I did a search of these forums for international purchases, imported, i don't recall all the things I searched on, but there where literally dozens of horror stories of items arriving damaged, being delayed for 3 months or more, customs tearing the boxes open and pulling speakers from their cabinets to make sure drugs aren't inside, and then slapping them back in the box half arse for the remainder of their journey. Unexpected fees showing up months after the sale, and paperwork that requires an expert to fill out to insure no problems at the border. If it is not filled out, and the shipping company has to fill it out, they can charge you $50 to $300, for doing so. I could have bought that amp from Canada without any issues, but because of what could happen, I decided to wait and find one state side. 
I would NEVER EVER do that.  Disappointment is looming.