Shipping from Canada to the U.S.

I am planning to buy an amplifier that would be shippped to me from Canada. The product is U.S. made. Would I have to pay any brokage or other fees on top of the regular shipping charges? Which company is realtively inexpensive and safe? I would really appreciate any help. Thanks! Jack
UPS in Canada will not insure any used items and will not be accountable for any loss/damage/etc. FedEx does but is more expensive as it is delivered via air. I don't think there are any hidden costs with FedEx. I shipped an amp from Canada to the US without any problems using FedEx. Also with FedEx, you'll get the amp within 2 days.
I have shipped many item to the US.No extra charges apply unless you use UPS.They will gauge you to death.I find Canada post most cost effective and if customer is in a hurry and wants to pay for fast service Fed Ex is great.
UPS charges a brokerage fee. They will insure used items if you are a registered company. Canada Post is best but only insures for loss, not damage. UPS does both but treats the packages badly so they need to insure for damage.
I just bought some Spendors from a guy in Ottawa, Ontario. Went Fedex. Got a bill from customs service for 53.00 in the mail 2 weeks later.
I run a distribution business in Canada, and think I may be able to provide a few insights into this import/export question. The business I run in Canada is an import/wholesale operation and we ship many goods to and from the U.S. We have used UPS, FED EX, and Canada post. I have also shipped personal audio goods to and from my two residences (Toronto and Cleveland) and to and from private individuals to my residences. -In case anyone is wondering I’m a dual citizen. There are several things to keep in mind when shipping from Canada to the USA. They are: Shipping cost Insurance Taxes (Canadian and American) Brokerage charges Duties Value of goods (as declared to customs) Value of goods (as insured) Packaging BROKERAGE charges are only applied in the country of destination – not the country from which the shipment is sent. Regardless of which company you choose to ship with you WILL be charged a brokerage fee. UPS charge the most. UPS brokerage charges are based on the dollar value of the goods being shipped, and you can find these rates online. Fed Ex is slightly less expensive, and U.S. post is least expensive Taxes may be charged in both countries. Canadians must pay a 7% tax (goods and services tax) and provincial sales tax (8% in Ontario) on the shipping charges in addition to shipping charges. – Canadians must also pay these taxes on any audio gear they buy – YIKES! Duty or Duties will only be charged on certain items – am not certain of audio equipment, but UPS can verify the rate of duty (if any) as long as you know the country of manufacture. If the product is made in USA no duties will apply. – Better research it if you are buying non-U.S. made products. NOTE: If you pay for Premium UPS service (“red label” – over night or “blue label” – 2-day service) brokerage charges are already built into the price of shipping. Also note that UPS are total sleazes with regard to “guaranteed delivery dates” and will often use the excuse that a shipment is pending customs when it’s actually cleared and ready to go. They pull this sh_t all the time with us so they won’t have to pay out on their free shipping guarantee (when a package is late). As for insurance, UPS does not need to know if the goods are used or new – so why tell them? Insure the product at the full retail value – after all its only a couple of bucks more. Besides if your item gets lost, stolen or destroyed you will want to replace it with a new unit …won’t you? Another issue to keep in mind regarding insurance is the declared amount vs. the insured amount. I frequently ship warranty products to the USA and insure them for full value while I declare the goods at next to nothing. The reason I do this is as I have listed above... If the warranty products I am shipping get lost, and were not insured for full value I would have to replace each unit with new (out of my own $). This might seem strange, but the warranty products that I usually ship back are non-functioning, irreparable and essentially worthless. Make sure that the shipper declares a lessor amount than the fully insured retail value. It is very important to arrange all of this with the seller. ...Some guys still don't "get it right". Packaging is a real concern. With audio equipment it is best to double box. This important because if the goods should become damaged and you are forced to make a claim with UPS they will insist on inspecting the shipping carton. If they deem the packaging insufficient you will be S.O.L. and will have to go after the party you bought the component(s) from for settlement. Additionally double boxing deters would be thieves at UPS and the like. They might know its audio equipment, but why let them know model and brand? - KEEP THE BOX until you know the product is fully functional! Sorry I took up so much real estate with this reply, but I hope it helps. Cheers!