Shipping from Canada

I've never purchased anything from Canada and am strongly considering it. Besides normal shipping, are there any importing fees from customs, or other hidden fees, etc when having items shipped from Canada? How about when items are shipped from China?

Does anyone have experience receiving items from Canada or China? Thanks
I have bought many items from our friends to the North and have never had any problems other than a package being held up at customs for an extra day or so. No worries and no taxes.
Canada Post is SLOW. The good part is that duties/fees only apply when shipping to CA.
China is at your own risk.
Never a problem with Canada! I would never chance China!
No problem ordering from Canada. Their mail is slower than the US, but from Toronto to the US border sometimes only takes one day. (and then thru customs). Such nice people up there, eh?
If your purchase is over $2,500, you will have to pay extra customs fees. I had to pay an extra $30 something on a $3k purchase from Canada.
I've bought several items from Canada and never had a problem.
If sent by Canada Post you can usually avoid duty. If sent through UPS or FedEX you "may" receive a bill via USPS after you receive the package. In this case you will pay both the service charge to the carrier and the duty. This has happened to me several times.
I only buy USA!!
Ebm - you don't know what you are missing out on...
- Gershman Acoustics
- Simaudio Moon
- Bryston
- Maple syrup
- poutine

To name but a few things :-)
I frequently purchase from Canada especially PartsConneXion. But, if you're considering it, you need to be realistic about potential fees and taxes.