Shipping Egglestons without boxes

I have a problem here. I have a pair of Eggleston Andras in Los Angelas, and I need them shipped to Oregon. I do not have the crates for them. They cost $425 for a new pair of crates. Does anyone know a company that can ship the speakers, without the crates, safely? And about how much will it cost? If you do know of a company can you give me a number to them? thanks in advance
Take my word for it. Buy the crates for the speakers. I recently had a moving company make crates and ship the speakers. The speakers were severely damaged in shipping and a long headache has ensued.

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I also have a pair without crates and was going to sell them and had a crate made to look at and decided that it would be too risky - buy the crates and have more peace of mind for you and the buyer.
Any speaker that starts with "Egg" should be crated before it's shipped.

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Get the crates, pack them perfectly in them, insure them and cross your fingers and pray that they arrive safely.
I do a lot of shipping of large computer equipment/racks throughout the year for my company. The only way I know of to prevent damage is use a DEDICATED truck from a commercial freight division such as Mayflower, North American, Allied, etc. (make sure it's commercial freight portion and not the residential moving division.)

It's going to cost you a serious premium and a half to ship this way, but it's about the only way you would be able to eliminate excessive "handling" which usually results in damage (only the loading and unloading.) My guess is shipping with a dedicate truck will probably out weight the cost of just buying the shipping crates and shipping them via consolidated freight.

Otherwise, I know a shipper that can do it for you, but my guess is that it's not going to be cheap. However, you might be able to get a deal on it if you're flexible with the dates but no guarantees. I can get you in touch with my account rep. if you mail me off line. Mind you that you will still need to have them securely strapped to a pallet for transporting.
How about trying to borrow or 'rent' some crates from someone who does have them, ship them using these, and then have the person at the other end send the empty crates back.

In any case, best of luck.