Shipping drivers to China


Has anyone sent recently speakers to China successfully?

I sold a pair of drivers on ebay. When I went to the PO I was handed a circular stating that China prohibits the importation of speakers, receivers, etc.

I have been calling the Chinese consulate in DC but they don't answer the phones.

Just put them on the slow boat, they'll get there.
Thank you. I called the Chinese American Chamber of Commerce in NY and was told that I would not be a problem. FedEx would accept it without seeing any problem either but the cost was $320.

Then, I the went to another PO, no Chinese employees at that facility, filled a new customs, no questions asked and paid $155.

You must be joking!!
Magnepan advertises "Made in USA, sold in China". So importation of speakers apparently is possible, if you go through the right channels.

And maybe what they mean by "speakers" is the finished system, rather than the individual components. So maybe you can call them something else, like "transducers".