Shipping company for speakers- any good or bad one

I am looking to buy some speakers and will have them shipped. They are large so UPS is out. Anyone have any experience, + or -, with any companies?

You can ship them via any-cargo airlines that will deliver it to the recepient's nearest airport where he/she can pick it up.

It's darn fast and cost no larger than shipping companies. It's just an inconvenience to make an arrangement with receiving party to pick them up from airport.
I recently used discount-shipping to ship my Martin Logan Sequel II's from San Francisco, CA to Dallas, TX. The cost is normally $0.95/LB. However, they have an interesting alternative to regular shipping. If you can drop off and pick up at their terminals, you can ship for $0.65/lb. This is what I did and it worked fine. (Plus if you drop them off, the company will give you the final cost and let the buyer pay for it directly.)

Note: rates do not include insurance.
It really depends on a couple of factors. I recently shipped a 305lb crate of Avalon Opus from SC to Illinois and used Bax and they couldn't have been better to deal with. Great service, very professional, and extremely courteous. I would have had them ship back the Kharma CE 1.0s that I had traded for except that they would not pick up from a residence so I ended up shipping them via Fedex, which worked out well too, albeit a good bit more expensive. I'm sure there are a number of reputable shipping firms that other Audiogoners have used with equal success. A couple of issues that you may have to deal with may determine who you use are: 1)weight of crates or cartons, 2) physical size, 3)where the speakers will be shipped from, and 4)insurability. I assumed that it would be very easy and it ended up being much more involved than I had originally thought. If you are buying from a dealer or business, they'll take care of all the arrangements and charge you accordingly. If you are buying from an individual, it could be a little more difficult and you'll have far fewer options. Good luck!!!
hello avoid craters and freighters took like 40 days to ship from California to Detroit. And they lie like a dog to you on the phone when you ask questions. see my thread regarding them for more information.
Watkins Trucking
I've had really good experience with BAX Global:

They won't pick up from a residence, only from a business address, but the service and prices are great.
My experience with BAX was a nightmare. They damaged a pair of Kharma 2.0, and then refused to settle even after their own investigator concluded that they caused the damage. The problem with BAX, and some others, is that they are self insured - so they do not want to pay. Have had good luck with Target Logisitics and Conway. One of the problems is 'hidden' damage. Make sure the packing is perfect - any weakness risks the contents. Make sure the packing is marked as to 'up-right', do not double stack, etc. Also consider a 'shock watch' which is a device that will indicate if the carton/crate was subjected to a severe shock. Good Luck.
I ship ribbon speakers via small Moves/Vintage Transport which specialize in antiques and valuable art work. My speakers are wrapped in a moving blanket like everything else in the truck then tied to the walls of the truck.
I had good luck with Bax on a big pair going clear across the country.
Bax Sucks!
First I scheduled pickup on the web(1 week lead time), they didn't show. I called them and tThey said they would pickup from a residence, but then the local carrier said they wouldn't. I rented a u-haul $35 to move my billy bags rack (on a pallet) to a business. They picked up but charged more once they got their and wanted payment immediately by check. It got to final destination in 2 days (quick) but then they called me again and said they wouldn't deliver to a residence and that would require a lift gate (which I had put in the original quote/order requests and talked to them over the phone) but the local delivery people said that BAX doesn't transfer the notes (???) and they made no mention and the quote wasn't valid for a residense and I would have to give them a Credit card for $100 to pay for the extra's (keep in mind the original quote was $160 Versus others $250 shipping) now I'm at over $400 now...
I argue with them and it is pointless (idiots) and I take the hit. Next I get the local business that I dropped off the rack saying the BAX is sending them non-payment notices for $100. So I call the central number and they have no record of the local delivery charging me and they still want $$$.. They say I should call another location (long distance 30 minutes on hold before hanging up multiple times).... and so the saga continues...

I will end up filing a credit card claim of fraud against them and then pay the outstanding invoice since their stupid billing system is distributed and not connected (Dumbasses)

So selling and shipping the $2100 Billy bags rack made me back $450 and a ton of wasted time and hassel. Lesson learned BAX! You SUCK, and I'll be filing a BBB claim against them too. They must be the cheapest(quote that is) for a reason... I'm glad for the others who successfully managed to ship something through them.

If you have time to waste use BAX Global!
I shipped Greyhound a pair of Reference 3A L'Integrales from Boise, ID to Moscow, ID at 100 lbs. for $60 and it was overnight. Arrived perfectly. UPS had refused to ship in original factory boxes.
Had bad luck with BAX--TWICE. Like the poster above;they came out,looked at the speaker---"yup,the forklift did that"--- :claim denied. (Wood crated) Just a couple of mos. ago claim for 9 loose solder joints to one of my CJ8's. These come with "pallatized" boxes. I'm sure the forklift driver lowered them; slamming 'em to the ground.----- claim denied. No, I'm sure they don't damage everything they touch;just everything they have shipped to me. It isn't just their handeling/ it's their iron-clad CLAIMS-DENIAL policy.--If it requires a forklift--don't use BAXGLOBAL.--Unless you feel lucky.
Shit guys!!!
As we speak BAX Global is shipping speakers to me from CA to NC!!!
What "Avguygeorge" & "Cytocycle" have mentioned is giving me a sinking feeling!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It's too late now to do anything (by pray!) since the speakers have been picked up already!
Thanks everyone for the input. I'll definitely avoid Bax. Looks like FedEx freight will be the shipper of choice.
Speed, it is all a luck of the draw. As you seem to have decided on FedEx already, just keep your fingers crossed. FedEx has damaged two large and fragile shipments (the shipping parties involved took care of both problems, so I did not claim with FedEx).
I have not used BAX but I see both good and bad news about them.
FYI, a while ago, I had large speakers shipped to me via AAA Cooper and there was no problem, but I have to note that the shipper packaged beautifully.
Just to follow up, my speakers were shipped via FedEx Freight and arrived quickly and without damage. I did have to help unload them from the truck, which meant leaving work for a few minutes. The speakers, crated separatley, weighed in at 330# each and the solo driver had no equipment other than an appliance dolly to unload them with (there was no ramp on the trailer). Had I not been there to help get them out of the semi trailer, I shudder to think how, or if, he might have accomplished it on his own, however. The speakers were shipped on thursday and delivered monday morning from approximately 800 mi.

Thanks again for everyone's input.

Just a follow-up from my end - I just bought a pair of Green Mountain Audio C1.5i. These were shipped from CA to the East Coast where I live - long journey. Roy Johnson was involved in arranging the shipping (tho' it was paid for the seller & myself) thru BAXGlobal.
The speakers arrived in-time per the BAX's website. They were undamaged + not a blemish on the boxes! It seems that BAX was very careful not to use a forklift when moving these speakers. They didn't place anything on top of the boxes either (which would have crushed the marble sculpture). So, overall I'm very happy & these speakers are making some fine music in my setup.