shipping coast to coast over 350 lbs

what is the best way to ship speakers from the east coast to the west coast?

best meaning cheapest... and reliable.
bax global but you need a business address.
350 lbs calls for BAX Global.Most reliable I can think of,though their are others I'm sure.Sturdy crates is the first step ensuring said reliability.Cheapest means safe arrival to me,not upfront cost so I can't help you there.Hopefully a shipper will join in on this and fill in the blanks.Insurance needs are paramount on 350.Good luck,Bob
Bax Global
DO NOT USE Damaged my speakers and did not pay me.
Bax doubt about it!
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thank you all for your help
Make sure its going on a air ride trailer. If you are not sure ask shipper if it will be.
Overnite,Yellow,Roadway are spring ride trailers. You mite give Mayflower or other reputible household moving companys a call and ask them if they do ltl ( less than truck load ). I know North American has a electronics division. Also make sure you put do not stack signs on your freight as well as fragile.

Richard, the truck driver.
I have had great luck with Pilot Air.