shipping cd players

Are cd players sensitive to shipping through the mail? (may be dropped)
I am not sure but some cd player come with transit screws, how important is is to have?
Less handling means less chance of damage to the player. You might want to consider next or second day air verses other methods.........
Not sure what transit screws are.
I have shipped several CD players with no issues.

I heavily wrap unit in bubble wrap.
Then put in original box that has more inreanl wrap/filler to fit snugly.
The use bubble wrap/filler around all four sides of that box
as it is placed snugly in another box.
I think that the "Transit screws" are used to lock the moving armiture that the laser lens traverses above he cd into place so that it doesn't get jarred out of alignment. This prevents the laser from reading across tracks instead of along the tracks.

It actually is very important to use the screws to lock down the parts because when the laser gets out of alignment, it can cost a hundred to a few hundred bucks(or more) to have a tech fx it.
I don't think all players come with transit screws -- only some do. Double boxing--with the interior box well insulated--has been reliable for me.