Shipping calculator on Audiogon?

I’m selling on Audiogon for the first time in many years.  So far my biggest headache is calculating shipping.  Audigon says they have a shipping calculator but I can’t find it.
Agon’s help section and contact section are basically worthless!  Screen shots don’t pull up, help menus limited in addressing questions.
Anyone know the answer to find the shipping calculator?


Why don't you use the shipping companies calculator there's will always be more accurate then Agon's. I'd never use the one here. always use the shipping company-postal services with proper weights, size and insurance-signature required.

From memory it is not a calculator as such.
When you are creating listing when you get to shipping details page if you select a shipping service and punch in correct size and weight it should show you calculated price for level of shipping requested.

But even if you get this to show it is usually sadly inaccurate ( as is eBay's for that matter).

I usually just take a best guess based in experience and put a flat rate shipping price in my ads.

Good luck
Get all the details weight,dimensions etc then call UPS store for a real rate Audiogon is way underpriced.
Don’t forget the UPS store is more expensive than going directly to UPS.  The UPS Stores are all privately owned.   The one I use does give a 5% AAA discount though. 
Well, I learned a couple of things.  1 The Agon shipping calculator is not only impossible to find but pretty much worthless as well.  2  I found there is a FedEx shipping facility less than a mile from my house so that’s real convenient.  


FedEx is imho a much better bet for shipping larger items like speakers and amps etc than the rest.

Usually cheaper and seem to take a little more care with parcels than others.
Are you maybe thinking of the shipping cost calculator that is supported on a listing if the seller charges exact shipping? There will be a "Get cost" link on the listing page that you can click to calculate how much shipping will be to your address.