Shipping by UPS

I have two Rythmik F12 subs on the way from Texas. Do I let them deliver them to the house or hold them at the distribution center and pick them up from there. I figure I will eliminate them from handling by two times but then I get to wrestle them in and out of my truck at about 85# each. The boxes always look pretty beat up when show up at the house and I’ve had stuff that was double boxed damaged. What to do. 
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UPS does tend to smash things, and after the most recent incident of them crushing a corner of a pair of "original packaging" (totally adequate packaging if not dropped from a 5 story building, or whatever they managed to do) speakers I sent to somebody, I'll never use those idiots again.
I had them hold the packages at the distribution hub for pickup. It’s only about a 15 minute drive and I have an appliance dolly to get them in the basement. I had my second knee replacement 3 months ago and I feel like old man is catching up with me. 
Expensive and fragile things like speakers and anything with tubes, I ship Fed Ex air  or better yet Pilot Freight Air and meet the package at the closest airport distribution center (in my case about an hour 20 minutes away. Worth it to have never had damage this way - knock on wood.