Shipping by UPS

I have two Rythmik F12 subs on the way from Texas. Do I let them deliver them to the house or hold them at the distribution center and pick them up from there. I figure I will eliminate them from handling by two times but then I get to wrestle them in and out of my truck at about 85# each. The boxes always look pretty beat up when show up at the house and I’ve had stuff that was double boxed damaged. What to do. 
When I receive by either UPS or FedEx, I always want to my door service. Once, one of Fed Ex private contractors left 2 Very heavy (130 pounds each) speakers in my driveway, and I was home! I ran up to the truck as he was leaving and told the driver I wanted them brought to my door which means going up 5 steps to my side door. He laughed at me and refused, saying he was "too busy". I just received a very heavy McIntosh amp (160 pounds) in a humongous box and UPS cheerfully brought it to my side door.  In all the audio equipment that has gone in and out of my home, only 1 time did I get any damage and that was mostly due to the extremely flimsy cardboard (I couldn't believe cardboard could be made that thin!) and that was speakers from Tekton..
Pick them up at the distribution center. That’s exactly what i do when receiving anything of significant value from UPS and the boxes do seem to fare better that way. It potentially eliminates a full day of your gear sliding and bouncing around in their truck.

Last time UPS delivered something to my door, the driver looked straight up at my security camera, then tossed the package to the ground as though it was a horseshoe.

85lbs can be awkward but at least they have carts that you can use to wheel them from the counter to your vehicle. 
As a former UPS employee (local sorter then driver) I can say that most damage occurs locally and not during a long distance haul.
It’s rarely the driver’s fault. It’s the guys inside the plant who load and unload the package cars for local deliveries. Their crew is timed by a supervisor to meet a quota.
This possible damage can be avoided if you pick up your package at the UPS in your area, and I don’t mean a UPS store.

That makes sense lowrider57.  I have gotten to a point where I am not interested in shipping expensive electronics.  I believe Amazon has made the home delivery more risky for damage than ever.  It seems to be bleeding into the entire delivery industry.   I don’t believe UPS sub contracts with Amazon but I believe FedX and USPS do.  I helped a driver in a rented U-Haul find a box of dog food shipped from Amazon and could not believe the back of his truck - looked like it had been rolled.

I used to prefer FedX but I have watched my drivers on several occasions deliver a package for me to my neighbor - house number clearly displayed - too busy - don’t care.  

I will ship cables but anymore, I will trade with retailers or go for local pickup/delivery for components.
IMHO makes no difference with UPS, FedEx, DHL or UPS Ground. The damages are usually during the transit, when the machines have no idea if you are shipping an Ayon in triple boxes, or a box of egg wrapped in old newspaper. Have 4 inches of sold cushion (not foam peanuts, not cheap breakable foam block) and you’d be fine.

It makes a difference with FedEx Ground as I found their local drivers absolutely don’t care and would happily drop your package from the truck to the ground when nobody is watching. Note that I see FedEx Ground out-source quite a bit of work to old-timers (who can’t even bent their back), or off-shore nationals (always in a rush). They either cannot handle weight or just don’t care.

Talon shipped my Khorus speakers crated. First pair looked to have been dropped a good 3 feet, crushed the crate skids and cracked the cabinets wide open. Second pair I was out on the street and watched as the driver opened the door to reveal both speakers clearly marked THIS SIDE UP laying on their sides. Third set I took my pickup to the airport to meet the speakers and eliminate about half the risk of damage. Had to load two monster 150+lb crates on and off my truck but these at least had no damage.

If yours already left then you intercept them asap. If they haven't shipped you tell them to slap FRAGILE GLASS all over AND use SEVERAL conspicuously placed shock detectors. When they see the shock detectors they know they have to be careful enough to at least not break those!
It’s true FedEx hires independent contractors. They wear the company shorts and drive a FedEx truck but each driver owns his own business and routes. Being on the road with nobody to answer to makes for a a lack of pride in their work.

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The comment about Amazon above is true.  The shipping industry is overwhelmed and having difficulty hiring.  They rely heavily on part-timers and "independent contractors".  Wages are low, benefits are meager and work quotas are high.  Is it realistic to expect them to care about your package anymore than FedEx/UPS cares about them?
Yes, it is there job regardless.
Don’t accept the position or quit if you don’t like the pay etc. But, do your job as well as you can. 

UPS does tend to smash things, and after the most recent incident of them crushing a corner of a pair of "original packaging" (totally adequate packaging if not dropped from a 5 story building, or whatever they managed to do) speakers I sent to somebody, I'll never use those idiots again.
I had them hold the packages at the distribution hub for pickup. It’s only about a 15 minute drive and I have an appliance dolly to get them in the basement. I had my second knee replacement 3 months ago and I feel like old man is catching up with me. 
Expensive and fragile things like speakers and anything with tubes, I ship Fed Ex air  or better yet Pilot Freight Air and meet the package at the closest airport distribution center (in my case about an hour 20 minutes away. Worth it to have never had damage this way - knock on wood.