Shipping boxes to Canada?

I have a few buyers from Canada. Is it complicated to ship a box to Canada vis UPS ground? I really hate to fill out forms after forms just to get pass the customs.

If you have shipped boxes to Canada via UPS ground, please share your experience with me. Thanks!
I shipped a Nakamichi CD Player to Canada via UPS Ground. The buyer freaked when he had to cough up brokerage and customs fees. He got a good price but the surprises made him an unhappy camper. His outrage still lingers on my mind. Next time I'll ship postal service.
DO NOT SHIP UPS TO CANADA!!!! Case in point: I received a tuner via UPS, value $400. UPS charged me $188. Received a receiver a few weeks later postal, value $400, duties were $40. In fact, don't use UPS period, they bust stuff no matter where they're "shipping" boxes. The absolute worst in the business. As for filling out one form providing a description of the item (used CD player) stating the value of the item ($400), where it was built (U.S.A.), and the name of the shipper (you) and the receiver (the buyer) takes two minutes, no big deal.
Avoid UPS as they have built in unreasonable brokerage fees. Use USPS whenever possible. Always inform the Canadian buyer that he will have to pay the following to receive the item and that it is his responsibility.

GST - 7 %
PST - depends on province - in Ontario it is 8%

in some cases - brokerage fees - if by USPS usually minimal
if UPS - outrageous , if other courier companies ( like Purolator, Fedex ) a bill for the brokerage fee may come in the mail from a company called PBB Logistics.

If the buyer lives close to a border suggest mailing it to the closest MailBoxes Etc. on the US side as they only charge 7$ US to receive a package for a non account/box holder. Then he picks it up and will never pay brokerage only taxes on declared value at border.
From another Canadian, Don't use UPS! for reason already stated.
I live in Canada and have received numerous packages through UPS, Post, trucking companies. The way to get around brokerage fees is to have the shipper state under shipping instructions "to be cleared by receiver". Most of the time UPS goes ahead and brokers it themselves and try to charge brokerage fees but b/c of special instructions stated, they wave the fee and write it down as goodwill. This has happened a few times to me. Also, it's easy to broker yourself - just a hassle to pick up the form and bring it to Customs but normally customs office is close by most shipping offices - at least in large cities.
All the above are correct. For the shipper in the U.S. it's no problem. I am in Canada and USPS saves me a bundle as a buyer. If you must ship via UPS, do us a favour and keep the declared value on the low side. How would you feel having to pay big bucks in tax for buying your next door neighbour's used lawn mower?
I've tried it all:

Fedex Express - will charge customs brokerage fees

Fedex Ground - will assign third party broker from which you will receive invoice for their customs brokerage fee
UPS - as said by others, they will charge their $45 flat fee for brokerage plus customs

CanadaPost/USPS - they don't charge anything for brokerage only GST and any custom fees (declared value above $200)

You can insure things with Fedex for up to $25K, UPS does not insure at all, CanadaPost maxes out at $1000

My advice: use USPS if you don't need insurance over CAD$1000, anything else go with Fedex