Shipping B&O RX2 Turntable

Without original factory packing materials, how to prepare platter and integral tone arm for safe shipping? Any suggestions how to box up so turntable, platter and tone arm survive the journey?

Joel - For the Tone arm see this link for arm support

For the platter I would layer a coule of pieces of "pink" so that they hold the platter in place and use the lid to prevent the platter/pink from coming out - you could t a couple of pieces of foam over the platter to prevent bounce

Looks like B&O leaves the platter in place from the pics in the link above

Hope that helps

Steve, thanks for your continued help.

If any Audiogon member has personal experience to add, then please add their shipping experience.

I will be receiving the shipment, and need to provide guidance to the seller so the RX2 reaches me in great shape.


Here is the owner manual.
See, "Setting up after unpacking".
Note, the platter should be locked in place by 3 rim brakes. 3 transports screws lock the spring suspension in place.