Shipping Avalon speakers in wooden crates

Hello Audiogon members and Avalon owners ; I am moving and want to ship my Avalon's however due to the size of the wooden crate and the overall weight - it has to go by a trucking freight company. I called Duie Pyle, Estes and Duie Pyle will not pick up residential....Estes will do residential pick ups but because the speakers are used, they can only insure .05 cents on the pound ! What ! ......there has to be a shipping company that picks up residential and insures to current market value of the product being shipping. This can not be a new concept you know of any companies as this is now turning into a concern. Thank you in advance
garebear, email sent through A'gon.
Call Saturn Fright Systems, we ship with them all the time, google for your local office.

Best of Luck

I have shipped Indra's with good results using the freight company below. Don't know if Margaret is still with them, but; here is their info.

Margaret Brunk
Customer Service Representative
Pilot Freight Services, Seattle
[email protected]

Option 1:
I only trust 2 companies me and myself.
I rent van and go.
Dodge Caravan has all rear seats folding flat and easy + incredible ride comfort for long hours.

Option 2: arrange air-cargo shipping than rent van off the airport and deliver them home. If you need help unloading, try to hire a couple of moving doodz in the area to help you.

Option 3:
Another option is Register there, list your shipping and wait for bidders to offer you best deal. Just like in ebay, you should research provider's feedback and type of cargo one deals with.

P.S. Drop me a note if you need to book a van for a special discounted rates via corporate booking and I'll send you an invite. Savings are near-huge as I usually booked vans for the price of compact sedan.