Shipping amps overseas

I have just made a deal to sell a couple of mono amps
weighing about 65 lbs each to someone in the UK. I live in
NY. He will send me bank check first and he will pay for shipping.

What are the best companies to use for shipping in this case? Any tips etc for international shipping ? Any idea
on what this may cost approximately.

Call your local Nippon Express Freight Company. They have a branch(Pelican Express) that will deliver door to door to most countries, and in this case I would think it will be around $250. They will also deliver to just the major ports or airports. Also, and you will think no way, I have had a great deal of success just using the US postal service. I just sent a pair of speakers to Great Britain, about 120 dollars for 60lbs. They say 4 to 6 weeks on the website for dilvery, but it is usually around 3 weeks and the item is there. I spend about $300 a week with the post office and and maybe have one problem a year., Just pack well, try to always double box. They will get there fine
The best way, in my humble opinion, is to ship your amp FedEx International Priority. FedEx will assist you with the necessary paperwork, even fax the forms you will need and instructions so you will know how to complete thedocuments correctly. You will still have to get an International Air Waybill from FedEx(it's a multi-part form which you can pickup almost anywhere FedEx has an office or ask one of their drivers, who usually carry them on the truck with them). I recently shipped a 65lb amp to a gentleman in Japan with FedEx's help and the whole transaction couldn't have gone more smoothly. In general, FedEx usually does a great job anyway, but international shipments are a little more complex and I couldn't recommend them more highly. Just call 1-800-GoFedEx and follow the menu. You get a real person to speak with and they are extremely courteous and knowledgeable too! They may not be the least expensive, but your amp will get there quickly and safely. Good luck...Skip

UCmgr's advice seems excellent, but compare prices with Bax Global, who offer the same service for less in my opinion. Regards,