Shipping Alternatives- US to Switzerland

I have a darTZeel LHC-208 integrated amplifier which I must send from the US (San Diego area) back to Switzerland for a version upgrade. Based on the cost of these units, I'm concerned about safe shipping alternatives. Does anyone have any experience and/or recommendations for which shipping company (i.e. Fed-Ex, UPS, DHL, other) transports these type of instruments safely without incident? As these units are now priced above $20K, I'm not really concerned about getting the best price for the shipping. The amp weighs about 36 lbs. I will ship in the original inner and outer darTZeel boxes with top and bottom corner pad inserts originally used in shipping from Switzerland to me in the US (the outer dimensions are 21-1/2" x 24-1/2" x 12-1/2"). I don't recall the carrier that darTZeel used, as it was about 4 years ago; and the shipping labels were on a outer wrap which has been discarded. Any information on this will be greatly appreciated. Bing


I have a FEDEX Business account and using PRIORITY service all my items arrive in Europe within a weeks time. 5 Days on Average.

My buddy recently sent me 2 pairs of Speakers from Europe using FEDEX and it only took 2 days using the same Priority Service.

I strongly suggest DOUBLE Boxing everything even if the Original box is already a Double Box.

@thebingster Try

They aggregate Fedex, UPS and DHL and often have very good rates, better than you can get thru those carriers otherwise.