Shipping Aesthetix Calypso/tube gear, in general

When I picked up my Calypso from the dealer, the tubes were already installed, as the dealer had set up the unit and cheked it over for me.

I will be shipping my Aesthetix Calypso. I glanced through the owner's manual and do not see any reference to shipping the unit, in regard to the tubes being installed or removed.

Is it safe/ok to ship this pre (or tube gear in general) with the tubes still installed, or should I remove them and protect them within the package?

It is ALWAYS good practice to remove the tubes from their sockets and return them to their boxes. You can then wrap all this in bubble wrap and then put this bundle back inside the amp IF it is secure. If all judgement leads to shipping the tubes in a separate box, and the product is too heavy to ship USPS, I would still ship the tubes through USPS and then pray all else survives the shipping with the other carriers. Shipping the product with tubes installed is a disaster waiting to happen.
I agree with Jafox. Take out the tubes and ship them separately via USPS Priority Mail.
When I received my Calypso from Aesthetix, the tubes were installed. The original unit I bought from Upscale Audio also came in a sealed box with the tubes installed. Evidently, Aesthetix feels the tube sockets are very secure and personally, if the tubes were knocked out of these sockets, I don't think I would want the preamp!!!!
For what its worth, ARC always ships their product with the tubes removed.
My experience with this unit shows that it is shipped from the factory with tubes removed. With the Velcro top it couldn't be easier. The dealer should have given you the tube boxes. The instructions are clear as to tube installation.