Shipping a turntable with plinth from England to USA


I am considering purchasing a used Garrard turntable with a heavy plinth from a gentleman in England.  He is "throwing in" an amp to go with it.  The two packages will weigh about 75 lbs.  He has never shipped anything that weighs this much to the USA before.  He is at the beginning on his end looking into this.  

Any advice on a moderately inexpensive way to do this?

He and I have already discussing the issue of the gear being packaged safely for its trip to the USA.



75lbs for one parcel puts you in special territory. Ime UPS will thrash it. Hard. Like better be in a plywood crate. DHL might be better. Or not. If he can pack for a war then OK. If not split into three

Pay extra for split packaging and use DHL. When it comes to International shipping, DHL is the best. I have used them from China, Japan, Germany and England, two days flat to my door in Texas.

FedEx and UPS - your package is going to sit in customs for 2-4 days and then you will be ‘surprised’ by a custom & duties surcharges invoice based on declared value in the mail.

Thanks for the advice.

So, I am looking for a Garrard 301.  I might focus on a USA purchase.  So far the shipping looks pricy.  Especially for a heavy plinth.

there are many ways to ship it, DHL is generally on the cheaper end. Shipping a container is around $3K, imagine how many of your box it would fit and what would the cost break down to. If you want it by air, yes, more expensive but still under a $ 1000. At that price you could buy an off-season plane ticket and bring it yourself.

Not a good idea. Turntables are delicate devices and easily damaged. International shipping is notoriously rough. There are a bazillion turntables to choose from in this country. Patience is a virtue, a good one will come along. Also, stay away from idler wheel turntables. If they do not rumble when new it is only a matter of time before they do. Stick to belt or direct drive.

I saw a Brinkmann Bardo last weekend. What a beautiful turntable. Excellent build quality!


Did you see this one advertised here on Audiogon?

Local pick up only. You or someone for you would have to go to Dunwoody, GA, 30338 to pick it up.

(From your location to his 857.6 miles.)



The very best way is to DELIVER this package to UK cargo airlines and then PICK UP same from cargo airlines in USA.

Even $100k speakers you can ship this way no issue.

Thanks to all for the advice!

Nice looking turntable for sale in Georgia - but above what I started planning on.

This "project" started out with a local estate sale with a 301 listed as "not working". I discovered it wasn't plugged in correctly and bid $400 and got into a last minute bidding war.  I knew there would be plinths, cartridges, tonearms, restoration, etc to pay for and wasn't naive about that.  An earlier poster said patience is a virtue.  You stole the words right out of my mouth.

Thanks again!


you can give it a try to offer $400 + possible international shipping savings and see if you get luck.

sometimes what you really have to do is ask.

theoretically, if you ship an extra luggage for your flight, they will charge you a $100

So if you find someone travelling from England, it is what it takes.  I brought stranger things crossing the Big Blue once or twice a year for the last 30 years.

I've done something similar.  I am involved with a group that donates Lacrosse sticks to schools in Ireland.  I will bring a bag of them with me one-way for $50 and save myself hundreds of dollars.


Now when will I be going to England?  Hmmmm

my Italian plinth DP-75 weighed 70# in the double box banded to a plywood skid w plastic fork lift feet via DHL…Deal included free shipping and to builders credit didn’t skimp.

@mijostyn Brinkmann look great and sound better ;-) i am a fan of the Bardo

Good luck in the crease….

I’ve had 3 refurbished 401s sent from UK to US by RM/USPS. Triple boxed. I’ve also sent a forth unit back to the UK. No issues or damage. The seller should pack up the Garrard in an original box. I believe CTC in UK sells new ones.

The motor block has 110/220 series-parallel windings. OP will need a 60Hz pulley.

btw I totally support you to make it happen. Does it have a 110V switch?