Shipping a Thermin?

A friend of mine needs to ship a vintage RCA thermin from Durham, NC to Tucson, AZ

If you don't know what a thermin is, just think of a large vintage cabinet speaker with a tube amp built in.

It is in 2 pieces 50lbs 24x12x34 and 100lbs 24x12x48.

My friend is going to build boxes for both pieces so probably a little larger in the end.

Lots of horror stories of UPS with large expensive items.

Anyone have shippers / movers the can recommend for this type of thing?

I would strap two wooden crates to a pallet and ship via commercial freight hauler. Use rigid foam panel insulation cut to size inside the crate and then use 2 alyers of large bubble wrap btwn the speaker and the foam. DO NOT SHIP VIA UPS or FEDEX GROUND unless you have the UPS Store or Kinkos pack them and get written confirmation that the packing vendor or his insurance will cover risk of damage (not just loss).
thanks Swampwalker, strapping to a pallet makes sense as it will force them to ship it upright and not stack it.

any commercial freight companies you can recommend?

In my own deals here I have run across the insurance problems with UPS and Fedex. It seems like they never pay damage no matter what.
You're welcome, Nik. I would go with the one that gives you the best insurance. There have been some recent threads with recommendations for shipping heavy speakers. Run a search and you should find them. IMO, most of the damage at UPS and Fedex comes as things move through their conveyor systems. There is often a long drop from one to another belt. If you look carefully at their packing standards, the contents are supposed to be packed well enough to survive a 6' fall onto concrete. This happens too often as stuff misses the conveyors or the truck waiting in the dock. Also be aware that its unlikely that any conventional insurance will deal the real value of an antique/vintage technology. Someone on a recent thread recommended a fine arts/antiques shipper. Makes sense to me.