Shipping a screen?

I'm moving in a few weeks, and am bringing my setup with me. Since I don't have a huge amount of worldly posessions, I'm trying to ship everything either UPS or DHL. Luckily, I have original boxes for all of my gear, except the screen. It's a 100" diagonal, so rolled up the thing is ~85" long.

For people who have done it, what's the best way to package a screen? do they even make boxes/tubes that long? Or will my best bet be to just bubble-wrap the thing and hack a box together from smaller ones?

They make tubes that long for industrial shipping, but I dont know how you would find one local, try a google of shipping tubes.
call some hometheater stores (or installers) in your area and see if they are doing any installs and if you could pickup the box from them.. you might get it free!
We ship aircraft hinges in PVC pipe from the local home improvement store. Glue one end with a cap, then either slip on a cap and seriously tape it or glue on a female adapter then use a threaded plug. If you can't get PVC big enough use ABS (the black type). UPS will only take 6' long but FedX will take up to 10'. This will steer you away from the cardboard tubes which can & will be bent or smashed by the bozos that use them for prying bars or whatever at the shipping facility.
Good luck, John
wow Jed.....great idea!
Jed's idea is really good. Before reading it I was going to suggest you get your hands on a tube that comes in the center of new carpets. (I am sure you could get one for free).