Shipping a Large Pair of Speakers Without Factory Packaging


I have a large pair of speakers that I need to ship, and was wondering if anyone had a recommendation on a company that could build a shipping container for them...They are custom speakers, so I can't contact the factory for replacement packaging...I'm in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, and really want someone capable...

Call Craters & Freighters, a national shipping chain that specializes in shipping large and challenging items.  This is exactly what they specialize in.  I've used them to ship everything from large paintings to jukeboxes to pinball machines, items without any "original" packaging but which had to have safe packaging custom-created specifically to fit and protect these items.  There's a C&F in Tampa, just googled them to confirm.   I've used them many times without an issue, and they insure what they ship so they're fully responsible for the item from your doorstep to the recipient.
I am not in Tampa, but the high-end store i have used for years in Miami hires a guy who will build a pine-wood crate with foam inserts for whatever needs to go somewhere.  It's not as difficult to ship as some folks seem to think, but it is a new experience when the weight of a piece of equipment goes beyond 50-60 lbs.  The apparent problem is not having the double cardboard box that many manufacturers will configure for items weighing a lot, but that shouldn't stop anyone who finds a buyer many miles away.
one last comment- the amp or speaker, etc.  needs to be wrapped in plastic sheeting FIRST as a last precaution to prevent small scratches from marring the surfaces.
Thanks everyone...They're off with C&F...