Shipping a CD player? Where is the Transit Screw?

I am shipping a Wadia 850 and some have told me there is a transit screw on the bottom to lock the transport. Well, when I turn the 850 on its side to look for anything that even closely resembles a transit screw, there is nothing.

All I see are the 50 or so hex-like that are used for assemble and 2 allen-bolts which are both screwed in already. One in front, one in back. Could these be the transit screws?

There are not any other holes or orifices that can accept a 'transit screw'. I suppose my question is, as I understand some transports have a self locking (when not powered on and in use) screw, is this the case with the 850 perhaps?

I have tried to call and email Wadia, and they are useless, ZERO responses, ZERO!

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Dan- Just a guess, but its possible that the allen bolts when backed out, lock down the transport.
you didn't see the small round hole in the bottom middle of the player where you insert the Wadia supplied locking key and you turn the key and lock the mechanism? there should also be a sticker with a diagram showing which way to turm the key to lock and unlock it.
Thanks for all your remarks. I will attempt the allens, front and rear.

I did check the entire unit for exactly what you (MEJAMES) describe, but there is no such. In fact, in reading the entire manual, front to back, there is absolutely no mention of such!

Thanks for the response.

STOP!!! Do not start tightening or loosening any allens UNTIL you make sure that these, are indeed, the transport screws. Keep calling Wadia, or a local Wadia dealer. Sometimes, the information about transport screws is printed on a sheet of paper separate to the manual (did you buy this unit used). I know that Great Northern Sound mods Wadia, so maybe they could answer your question. It would be a shame if you have been playing this unit all along with the transport locked down (shouldn't harm anything, just a loss in fidelity)! Sounds like Wadia could improve their act with customer relations!
Fatparrot -

I have not touched or moved anything for fear of a serious issue coming from such a move. I have learned the hard way (over tightened a spark plug in a Honda - aluminum heads, WHOOPS!, I stripped it!) and since, do not touch, turn, screw, or unscrew - keeping in audio now - anything unless I know its purpose.

Great idea on the Northern Sound, as I see their mods often spoken of here on AGON.

I will try them tomorrow.

Thanks for the lead.

Porschecab, NO S**T! I cross threaded a spark plug on a Honda 350 myself!!! Was on a road trip in Key West way back in '73, and decided to pull & clean the plugs...AT DUSK. I couldn't really see, and when one started in tight, I just kept cranking it down. Fortunately, I stopped before totally destroying the hole, and was able to find a mechanic with a tap, just as he was closing. Saved my ass, as it was also a holiday weekend.

Thus I have developed my "rules of engagement" when working on expensive gear, or gear that can kill you (i.e.: tube equipment).

1) Always make sure that you know what you're doing..if not, leave it to a pro

2) Always make sure that you have enough light

3) Your mind is one place only...on your work

4) Never work if your impaired (intoxicating substances, fatigue, illness, or emotional turmoil)

5) Never rush a job, even if that "5 minute quickie repair" turns into a 2 hour project

6) Never force anything, unless it's SUPPOSED to be forced